Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cut me off a slice of that Hamm

So I've been watching this new show, Mad Men, and I am completely enamored with it. For one thing, it takes place in 1960 and I have always been fascinated by that era. But I am slowly falling in sick love with the show's protagonist, Don Draper (played by the awesome John Hamm). This is the scary thing: Don Draper is a chain-smoking, manipulative, arrogant, deceitful bastard who not only cheats on his wife but also his mistress. I like to tell myself that I like him despite his faults because he looks so smoking hot doing all these things. But the truth is I find this character so incredibly sexy partly because he does these things. Why? What is the twisted part about me that is turned on by such unapologetic and misguided machismo? It sure explains why I dated so many jerks in my day. So I have to say it's a good thing I met Todd when I did, because if I didn't end up marrying him I would have been in real danger of marrying an asshole.

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