Thursday, September 6, 2007

This Is Dark

i've been thinking today about honesty...and whether or not i'm going to keep writing these blogs. I guess part of me knows that anything i'm putting up here is completely filtered and candy coated. It has to be. If I put the things that were really going on in my life and in my head, it would be way too dark and twisted. Also, I might offend people. because I do that when I'm being honest. And this is of course based on the assumption that anyone is even still reading...but it seems like some of you are because I am getting views. Anyone reading this crap is a saint.

Lately I've been feeling so mean. I told Todd to stop eating pretzels last night because the crunching sound was destroying my will to live. Each crunch felt like a dagger in my brain and I wanted to smash the pretzels into a million freaking pieces all over the place. But I didn't because then I'd just have to vacuum and I hate doing that. It's way too much work. Everything gets on my nerves. People are irritating. except for a select few...and I think you know who you are. if you're not sure, then you are probably irritating to me. But email me anyway to ask. and if you don't get a response then assume that means you are irritating. God I'm a horrible person. there is no death too painful for the likes of me. also I despise the word blogging. Its disgusting.

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