Thursday, September 13, 2007

Insurance Fraud Dads Need Love, Too

So I saw this commercial a few days ago and it actually gave me heartburn; that's how disgusting it was. Basically, this guy is driving a car and looking miserable. That's Lou. Then you notice a teenage girl in the passenger seat looking miserable with a horrible braid hairdo. That's bitchface Jodi. The voice-over starts talking about how this guy committed insurance fraud and now all the people at school are talking smack about this girl because of her dad. The voice over guy keeps talking about how committing insurance fraud is so horrible and that he basically ruined his daughter's life or something. Then...THEN...the guy stops the car and they're in front of a school and he says something like "I'll see you after..." and Jodi gets out of the car without saying anything and SLAMS the car door. Like way to thank your Dad for giving you a ride, bitch.

I guess the point of the commercial is to make us feel sorry for Jodi because she is being made fun of at school because her dad committed a crime. But really it made me what to pound her face into a brick wall. I bet her dad committed insurance fraud in the first place because he couldn't afford to buy her all the Abercrombie and Fitch clothes and the IPod and the cell phone she wouldn't stop bugging him for. She probably kept bitching and bitching about not having enough cool stuff to impress her lame friends at school with. So he broke the law for HER and this is how she repays him? With a slammed car door in his face after he was nice enough to give her a ride to school? If my daughter's friends were making fun of her because I committed a crime, then I would tell her to get new friends. Or I'd give a swift kick to the jaw. But this girl is such a superficial bitch that she probably doesn't want nice friends, so who's fault is that when you pick shitty friends and then they turn on you? I have zero sympathy for this "insurance fraud dad" girl and if I went to school with her I'd make fun of her too. But not because of her dad. I'd taunt her because she is such an unforgiving, worthless, ungrateful, materialistic, whiny, little monster. And then I'd go buy a six pack of beer for her dad, because if he has to live with that banshee he's gonna need a few drinks.

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  1. No one should have the right to make fun of someone. The one commercial that got me upset was the one where this lady was being arrested and the lady narrating said your kid's classmates have the right to make fun of them.

    Being a bully victim this made me so c'sing sick. I want to say to the narrator "F you you c'sing c*nt."

    Kids are tough. They are spoiled. All the dad had to do was put his foot down and say no we can't afford that. It was dad's fault in a way. Yes, the kid contributed.

    But no one should have the right to make fun of people. Yet that lady narrator just gave permission. Only we can make fun of insurance fraud people. That's not fair, and before you know it kids will want to make fun of kids on how they dress, if one's short, if one is in a scoliosis brace, if one has odd hair.