Friday, September 14, 2007

Pavlov's Dog

I spend way too much money at Starbucks. I hate it, because I feel like I'm saying something so stereotypical. its like the same old recycled joke, haha, Starbucks is expensive. WE GET IT. But, honestly, every morning I drive by one on my way to work. Cafe Mochas are like a suburban housewife's crack cocaine. Of course just getting to work in the morning is pure torture. Having to get out of bed, having to get dressed and sort of do my hair. Brushing my teeth, waking Liv up early so she can scream like a banshee in my ear for a half an hour while I dress her. And of course sitting through Pinks. All of this god damn work, just to get to work. So its like I need a little incentive...I'm like Pavlov's dog and the sweet, sweet smell of caffeine is the freaking bell. Ding! My sister in law is an amazing person. She is also a runner. I said to her the other day, "I've done the running thing. I really did. And every run felt like torture, like a piece of my soul was being ripped out. How do you keep doing it, day after day?" I ran 4 times a week for a month. But I just couldn't do it anymore because it sucked. Or maybe because I suck, I don't know. Anyway, she said that she's addicted to it at this point. But here's the kicker, she said that when she gets up in the morning and goes for a run, that she looks forward to that morning cup of coffee and toast. That's her motivation. For running. And I think to myself, what kind of lazy ass am I that I need an incentive just to get out of bed in the morning? Lord Alive. And I'll tell you something, if I ran 5 miles every morning, there had better be some REAL crack cocaine waiting for me when I got home. And a Cinnabun with extra icing.

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