Monday, September 10, 2007

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

I'm tired of hearing about how bad Britney Spears looked at the VMA's. You want to put down her performance? Go ahead. It sucked. You want to talk shit about her whorish antics? I'm all ears. But everyone needs to just zip it up about the condition of her body. She looks fine. Seriously. I mean if Britney is fat then I am officially a freaking hippopotamus. Is it any wonder that women (as a whole, maybe not individually) are so fucked up about food and eating it? Is it any wonder that I don't know a single woman who ever said "I love my body"? Jesus H Christ...I pick up In Touch magazine this week because yes I am a sheep and like to read the gossip rags and on the cover it says "Scary Skinny". But if any of those women on the cover gained any weight they'd be ridiculed for that as well. I'm not feeling particularly sorry for Britney. She has a lot of dollar bills to wipe her tears with. I'm feeling sorry for me. Because I'm looking in the mirror, at my own body, and not a-liking so much what I see.

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