Monday, March 23, 2009

Mongolian Girl Rocks My World

I answered Mongolian Girl's call to "Finish My Post". Take a minute to check out my guest blog over at The Cusp and while you're there take a long peek at Mongolian Girl's amazing blog. She talks a lot about horse vagina and it's totally awesome. I fucking love her and you will too.


  1. Gwen! I love your guest post. You rock my world too miss THANG of whorin' poems that are always showing up in my comments and making my day. Thanks so much & may you have a horse vagine/pumpkin kind of day xoxo

  2. uh...i meant pumpkin MUFFIN kind of day. That's what too much horse vagine does to a person. Makes you forget there are muffins in this world. I think so anyway.