Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gwen J***son's: Perfect Opinion

Who the hell does Tyler Perry think he is? I've never seen a single one of his movies or TV shows or read any of his books, and I can assure you that I never will. You know why? Because he thinks putting his name in front of every craptastic thing he creates will make me buy it. The sad thing is that there ARE some people falling for his arrogant bullshit. I bet if he put his own feces in paper bags and called them "Tyler Perry's Big Bag of Crap", there would be feeble-minded people everywhere lined up to shell out their hard earned cash to buy one. Newsflash, Tyler: Putting your name in front of something doesn't make it important.

It must be horrible to know him in regular life. I'd imagine it would be terribly exhausting. He probably makes everyone call him "Tyler Perry" all the time, like his full name. If someone calls him just "Tyler" he most likely ignores them until they submit to his divine will. Everything must be "Tyler Perry's Silver BMW" and "Tyler Perry's Egg Sandwich" and "Tyler Perry's in-grown toenail". He probably jacks off to his own name written on a piece of paper.

I think it goes without saying that I hate Tyler Perry. But I'll say it anyway. I hate Tyler Perry. His self-importance astonishes me. I heard on the radio this morning the announcer saying "Tonight, Tyler Perry's new show Tyler Perrys: Meet the Browns". I'm surprised it isn't called Tyler Perry's: Meet the Tyler Perry's. The only thing I would ever watch or read by or about Tyler Perry is "Tyler Perry's: Tyler Perry Goes Bankrupt, Becomes Homeless, and Burns all of Tyler Perry's Books in a Bonfire Just to Stay Warm". That sounds like it would be a really good book.


  1. Where do you get this stuff..."jacks off to his own name on a piece of paper."

    I'm totally stealing that and I'm going to be searching HIGH and LOW for a chance to use it.

  2. just to drop a few lines to all whose bashing this man, he has to be doing something good, and it must be something you like about him, or is it because he rose to the top so quick? if he makes you that angry, don't take time to write or speak his name. Tyler Perry Tyler Perry Tyler Perry, the man has come a long way and he will continue.

  3. I'll say if Tyler Perry's making people that angry, then they're the ones with the problem,what's wrong people can't do good nowadays lighten up and let the man enjoy his career.