Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thoughts on Child Molesters

I've been doing a LOT of thinking on this subject, being a mom and all. And, of course, I worry about Liv being the victim of some degenerate pervert. And if, by the way, she ever was, there would be no end to the tortures I would perpetrate onto that monster. That being said, what really gets me is the way that some people are wasting all of their time lobbying to pass laws that prevent sexual offenders from living in their neighborhoods. This troubles me because that's the equivalent of saying that somehow their children are more valuable than anyone else's. Because, let's face it, the child molesters have to live somewhere, so if they're not living in your neighborhood, they're living in someone else's.

Okay, now for my second problem. How on earth is preventing a sexual offender from living in your neighborhood going to really protect your children? Wake up, folks. No law can stop your kid from being a victim. Only you can. If we're not confining these people then they pretty much have the ability to go anywhere, even if we tell them they're not allowed. That's like assuming my two year old will not run into the street just because I told her not to. If their is an ice cream truck on the other side, she's a-running whether I told her she could or not. I guess the point to my rant would be, wouldn't our time be better spent making sure these sick monsters are permanently confined in mental health or correctional facilities? Why are we letting them out and then waiting for them to offend again? Because the chances are they will.

I guess my feeling in a nutshell is this: Just because you get a law passed that says a sexual offender can't live in your town, it doesn't mean that they're aren't any already living there who haven't been caught yet. Also, if a child molester isn't allowed within a certain number of feet from a school, does that mean he will abide? Well, if he was willing to destroy a child's life in the first place, I doubt that law will have any meaning to him whatsoever. So, to me all those laws really do is give us a false sense of security.

This issue has been annoying the hell out of me I had to get these thoughts off my chest.

P.S. I realize sexual offenders can be women, but they're mostly men, so that's why I said "He" and "Him".

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