Tuesday, August 4, 2009


First of all, I want to say thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes on my pregnancy. I had an ultrasound Friday and here's what happened.

The tech says, "I need to get a better look at that..."


"Well...there's three. I don't want to scare you but there's three."

"Three what?"

"Three babies. I see three babies."

"Shut up."

"I'm serious."

At this point I started shaking and tearing up. God is punishing me for my Hating Fetuses and Children post. He is punishing me for being an awful person.

"Are you alright, Gwen?"

I nodded and she started checking the gestational sacs for heartbeats.

"I'm only seeing 2 sacs with heartbeats. There's no cardiac activity in the third sac."

So I finally started breathing a little because twins are better than triplets. But twins? Really? God has a really funny sense of humor. Or he hates my guts. I'm guessing the latter.

I'm on vacation now trying to process the news that I have this long, high risk pregnancy in front of me. I already have a baby bump and I'm only 2 months. It sucks because I'm not obviously pregnant, I just look like I have this big beer belly or something. This is not attractive at the beach. I also have an appetite that could support a 700 pound man. '

Alright, I'm done talking about my pregnancy. I promise. I'm on vacation until Saturday. I'm going to post a couple old blogs that probably nobody read because I used to have like 3 readers for the longest time.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT???????????? I want to say congrats again, but then I can imagine in your shoes I would be totally having a nervous breakdown. OH MY GOD!!!!

  2. Um, that last comment was probably not very helpful. Sorry about that.

  3. Well then. Congratulations X 2.

  4. Oh man, ok. I have to say this and ya'll can throw stones if you must.

    IF, and thats a big fucking IF, there even is a god why would you think he was punishing you by giving you twins?? Two babies. Yes, its gonna be tough, and yes, two babies means double the work and even less sleep. But I wouldnt say its a punishment! Not even fucking close.

    You've been blessed Gwen, whether it be by your god or the universe or what ever the hell people are actually blessed by.

    And thats it. Thats all I'll say on this matter.

  5. Ohmigawd! Really?! Ohmigawd!

    I can totally understand needing to take some time to adjust! But please don't stop writing about it at all! We want to hear about it. At least I do! :)

    Twins is awesome. It will be seriously awesome.

  6. Wow... I don't know whether to say something supportive or congratulatory, so I'll say both.

    Yay for two babies! That'll be a lot of work, but I'm sure you're up to the task.

  7. Holy crap! I can only imagine your shock. What an adventure you're in for...

  8. Well. Congratulations, times two!

  9. Well holy crap, Gwen! If there are two can I call them Charlie Brown and Lucy? You know, since you're all 'Peanuts' on this post?

  10. Sweet Jesus....more twins in the world.

  11. Babies aren't God's way of punishing people. Unless the baby is the Antichrist. They are a blessing and while it may be hard, twins are wonderful. I am sorry for your loss of the third baby and I hope you are as well.

  12. Thanks for all the congratulations. I'm so grateful!

    I just want to say that if I offended anyone by calling the twins a punishment, then I'm sorry. I realize that you're TTC, Sarah and that my saying that was insensitive. I was joking about that. Honestly, I'm ambivalent about a twin pregnancy. It's scary to me because I am automatically in a high risk category now, my risk of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc. are all doubled. This isn't ideal but I'll get through it and will hopefully deliver two healthy babies come March. I meant no disrespect to anyone who is struggling with infertility. It's such a tough thing, because I want to be honest about what I'm feeling. I realize that I might need to be more sensitive about what I post in the future regarding my pregnancy.

  13. According to China, twins are very lucky.


    (I need to crop that in. Anyway, with twins come many smiles.)

  14. Gwen, its your blog. Say what you need to say. Dont mince words on my account or that of anyone elses. I just couldnt wrap my head around the concept of feeling punished by "god".


  15. Twins! Christ, I don't know what to do with the one and nearly two I've got. God speed.

    Seriously though, double congrats. The biologist in me is interested now. I reckon since there were three to start with that the twins won't be identical.

  16. TWINS! I'm still astounded. Twins!

  17. You do not have to apologize for feeling the way you feel, regardless of the fact that you might be offending someone about infertility or fetus or Jehovah's or cuss words or coffee shops. Don't censor yourself. I know I offended tens of people on a daily basis. I have no regrets.

  18. Holy Guacamole! congratulations and I'm sorry about #3, but also, whew. Wasn't meant to be, that one, obviously.

    Think of it this way: you'll have lots of time sitting around and feeling shitty and nervous which = EXCELLENT BLOG FODDER for the rest of us.

    Wait? Was this supposed to be about you??

  19. There has seriously been a twinsplosion lately, everyone seems to be having them. There are three sets on my street alone! Congratulations and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy. I didn't realise that having twins automatically puts you in the high risk category.

  20. I haven't been around in a while and you go off and get knocked up multiple times.

    I think a big ol' congrats is in order!!

    I bet you will be one of those adorable pregnant ladies. I looked like a fucking orca whale. ;)

  21. Great things come in twos, right? Or is it three? I can't remember . . .

    As tiny as you are, you're going to need some counterweight about the shoulders just to stay upright!

  22. I'm way behind but wanted to say Congratulations! I'm sure many emotions are flying around.

  23. Holy shit, you just became my new hero.