Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Worst Blog Ever

I'm not dead. But I really, really wish I were. Yeah, I'm back to that but for different reasons. You see, no matter how much I rest, change up my diet, drink ginger ale, take Zofran - I still feel like I have a stomach bug 24 hours a day. I'm still dry heaving and vomiting and nauseated at all hours of the day. Nothing will kill your creative drive like this situation. I want to curl up in a ball and wait for it to be over. Yet I can't. Everything needs doing. Dishes, laundry, doctor's appointments, eating. Oh god. The fucking eating. It's like an added job I have now. Eating. I can't wait until the nausea tinged ravenous hunger goes away forever and ever.

So I'm nauseous, constantly hungry but with zero appetite, in pain from a few large cysts that have made a cozy little home on my ovary, fatigued, and worst of all I somehow got sucked into watching that horrible show More to Love that I blogged about a while back. I'm so ashamed. I hate the show. It makes me feel gross. Here's why: The women are pretty and yet all they do is complain about the fact that no guys ever like them because of their size. Every bad thing in their life they manage to blame on their weight. Everything. They don't talk about anything but their weight. I'm screaming at my TV, "Don't you have anything else to fucking talk about? Books? Movies? Politics?" And it's become painfully obvious to me that the reason these women are unlucky in love is because they have zero self-esteem whatsoever. Are there men who don't like heavier women? Sure. But I still see heavyset women in relationships all of the time. If you have large boobs and a vagina, you're bound to find a man at some point. Right? Just having a vagina means never having to beg for sex.

Which is why I'm really confused about that new HBO show Hung. How is Ray finding all these women to pay him for sex? I realize he has a big dick and all, but even so. He is sort of a pompous ass about it. Eh, I don't get it. But I still watch it. Honestly, my TV watching is out of control and it's about to turn into a full-blown addictive disease once September comes.

What I am most excited about (aka what is keeping me alive):

1. Sons of Anarchy
2. Mad Men
3. House
4. So You Think You Can Dance
5. Fringe

How about you?


  1. Ugh, nauseated hunger. Positive, anti-puke thoughts being sent your way. Defeat the vomit with good karma or something similarly new age-y like that. :-D

    I'm looking forward to Dexter, Fringe, Project Runway and Top Chef. Currently excited about True Blood. And I'm not really into Hung either. It's ok but I think I'm too supernatural beastie oriented as far as entertainment goes.

    Hope you get past this nausea stage of your pregnancy soon. :-)

  2. My friend had morning sickness 24 hours a day for almost the entire pregnancy. Oddly, she chose to get pregnant 4 times and wishes she could have more. Hope it gets better.

  3. Much sympathy on the progesterone poisoning, sweets. It sucks. Bog time. And I'm so sorry. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it will pass in a few weeks!

    I've missed you, muchly. But you just take care of you and those babies and we'll be here when you feel like coming out to play again. :)

  4. I had the same horrid nausea when I was pregnant the second time. Zofran helped, but only in that I was barfing 80% of my meals instead of 100%. Yay.

    I didn't watch Sons of Anarchy when it was on, but I have been watching it online and I am hooked. I can't wait for the new season. The only bad thing is that Jax looks exactly like a nephew who was killed in a car accident when he was 16 (my husband's nephew - I need to point that out - no blood relation of mine). Or exactly what we think he would have looked like grown up. Why is that bad? Because I want to fuck him (Jax). And it makes me feel very, very icky,

    I am waiting impatiently for Dexter, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Nip/Tuck, The Office, and Lost.

  5. Oh, I'm totally looking forward to all those shows, too.

    I love Hung. And I think the issue isn't so much not being able to find sex, but not being able to find GOOD sex. And with a "Happiness Consultant," there's no muss, no fuss.

    Hope you feel better soon. You've been missed.

  6. You were my first blog crush. So get better 'cause I miss you! Oh, I can't wait for the new season of "Ace of Cakes".

  7. My wife was hungry and nauseous with her second pregnancy too, much more than her first. I'm sorry you're suffering.

    As for what I am looking forward to? I like Fringe, but also Heroes, Dollhouse and Lost. I'll probably watch the new Survivor as well.

  8. I'm on the edge of my seat for Heroes. I know, I know. It sucked. But I'm taking the chance.

  9. Sorry you're not feeling well. I hate nausea.

    I don't watch a lot of television, but lately I've gotten into Dexter, so I'll watch that. Probably watch Lost too. But I haven't been exactly loving it lately.

    But I'm definitely looking forward to the NFL season. Less so than last year though. When your team wins the Super Bowl, the next season is sort of anti-climactic.

  10. I just realized that I use the conjunction "but" waaaay too much.

  11. I am still lurking. Got nothing, Sorry.

  12. I love Mad Men, but I'm slightly disturbed that I'm sympathetic to (and can relate with) Draper. Not the serial adultery, but the inscrutability. He's a great character.

    I hear good things about Sons of Anarchy but we don't get it down here.

    HBO annoys me. They can make great TV - The Wire, The Sopranos - but True Blood sucks. And I've not seen Hung but it sounds really stupid.

  13. Gwen...hope you're feeling better. Someone mentioned Zofran...it certainly helped me. See if your ob/gyn will give you some. New Mad Men tomorrow night!

  14. What am I looking forward to? More on the movie front. "The Road" looks like it'll be good, and "9" comes out in September, a movie me and my sons have been looking forward to all summer.

  15. I am hooked on mad men...
    I'm also waiting in anticipation for some British shows to start here in the UK again some time soon...this autumn I hope...
    Plus I have a backlog of radio shows to listen to before they soon become unavailable...all this multimedia is killing my book reading time...I'm half way through a number of books which are screaming out to be finished...plus the pile rotting away, wondering if they'll ever be read!

    I hope you feel better soon. Can you not have the cysts removed? Or will more cysts just form to replace them? Sorry, I'm not cyst savvy as I've never had them before...but I really hope you do find a solution... :(

  16. You poor thing. I hope your nausea eases up soon. That must be absolutely miserable. :(

  17. I don't watch t.v. but once September comes can I come over and watch any of those horrible sounding shows with you? Three out of four of my kids will be at school and my littlest can babysit Liv. We can even drink wine. I'll bring Saltines.

  18. I hope your nausea is subsiding since you posted this.