Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twins in utero

My sweet, baby boy

Girl parts. I'll just take their word for it.

Money shot: Boy parts

Twins touching hands through the membrane.


  1. How utterly cool is that!! WOW!

  2. These are AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And I'll take your word for it. My partner was petrified that I was going to figure out the sex of our kids, but I've never been able to see anything in those ultrasounds.

  4. Wow. WOW. Gwen, this is so fabulous. I've been away for so long, how nice to come check out you blog and find this! Congratulations!!

  5. being a mother is a miracle. especially when we know there is new life in our bodies, our children. there is no happiness that can be represented. despite being a mother is not an easy and simple, but I'm proud to be a mother to my children.